Friday, January 14, 2011

Lightning Fast...

Happy 21 months, Emma Jewel!!!

21 reasons why your Mommy loves you:)

1. You fought your way out of the battlefield that is my womb, and we actually got to see your sweet face!!
2. Your beautiful blue eyes that light up when you see me and your Daddy.
3. The way you go half out of your mind with excitement when you hear the Dora theme song:)
4. How you've become quite the parrot, imitating and learning as you go.
5. The way you are starting to let me cuddle with you.
6. Your sweet, slobbery kisses:)
7. How you want to "reat" books all the're going to be valedictorian! Scholarships, baby!!
8. How you sing in the car and dance when I turn to look at you:)
9. I love your sweet, toothy grin.
10. I love how I can make you laugh until you can't hardly breathe!
11. I love that God chose to bless me with you, knowing that there would be others that would be taken.
12. I love the smell of your hair after a "bap", lavender shampoo is awesome!
13. I love how every brown meat is a "cheese dog" to you:)
14. How you've started to say "eye-ugh-oo" when we tell you we love you.
15. The way you are so sweet with other babies. I really hope we can make you a big sister one day!
16. How you tell every person in a restaurant "bye bye" when they stand up to leave (and you don't stop til they smile!)
17. The way we can't walk through a Wal-Mart without making someone's've thought you were in a parade since day one:)
18. I love that your hair is almost the same color as mine!!!
19. I love that you've started to like holding my hand, even when we're just walking around the house:)
20. I love that you like to twirl my hair when you drink your milk and that you twirl yours when you're going to sleep.
21. I love that our family isn't complete without you.

Emma Jewel, I'm so lucky to be your momma. Be patient with me as I heal and try to forget all the cranky, moodiness that has been the last 12 months. It's going to get better, baby girl. I love you!!


  1. are you determined to make your readers (ME!) cry with every post!! STOP IT!! :) i really loved this. makes me want to be a better mom!

  2. She sure brought a smile to Steve's face when she was smiling and waving at him as she was working her way down the steps at church. She blesses so many people that she comes in contact with.