Wednesday, November 9, 2011

8 Weeks To Go!

Things have been crazy in the land of Musick:) I'm sure it's been no different for any of you! I'm 32 weeks along now and have had a relatively uneventful pregnancy!! You just don't know how wonderful that is unless you've seen the other side!

We're having another girl:) We've decided on Brennan Hope for the name and can't wait to hold her!! Emma's starting to realize things are about to change and it's been a little interesting around the house lately. Couple that with an overworked daddy and an exhausted mommy and WOW! She's pushing her boundaries like crazy and pushing mommy's buttons at the same time! We have the exact same personalities and that's no good at all:/ But she's also very sweet and has become more loving and cuddly during this time period, too:) So that helps!

Last weekend was a big nesting weekend: set up the crib, put in the new bedding, washed all of Emma's clothes 0-12 months that we had saved... Stu's going to go crazy if I hold up one more newborn outfit and say "can you believe Emma was ever this small??!?" I'm curious to see what happens with this baby. I was 5 days late and induced with Emma. My body seems so much weaker with this pregnancy. Given the chemo recovery and the 20 extra pounds that have gone on between Emma's pregnancy and this one, I'm guessing that's normal? Who knows. I'm not going to be too surprised, though, if Brennan comes a little early or at least on time. Stu thinks I'm nuts (shocking, I know:) but I even washed the cover for the infant car seat and I'm getting the diaper bag ready:) Yes, I know I still have 2 months. Doesn't hurt to be ready!

After the 4D sonogram, I allowed it all to be real. Up until that point I was still reserved and trying not to get to excited, just in case something was about to hit. But at that 4D sono, we literally got to see her face:) She smiled twice, made a little smirk, looked like she was blowing bubbles, it was wonderful!!!! After that appointment, there was no more "if" and only "when":) Also after that appointment, our bank account went into shock because I started buying up a storm!!! Yay!!

I make no promises to post again before the baby, since the holidays are almost upon us and I'm going into overdrive at work getting things ready for my maternity leave. I'll be sure to try to post some pics, though, as soon as she gets here!! Pray for a continued uneventful pregnancy and a pain-free and easy delivery:) HA! I'm seriously more scared of the IV than of anything else delivery related:/ BBBBBAAAADDDDD experiences with those guys:/

Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas, if I don't check in before that!!

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  1. Praying with you and can't wait to meet her!